Arcsoft Panorama Maker

Arcsoft Panorama Maker

Create awesome panoramic images in seconds

Panorama images always look great - provided you know how to build them properly. And if not, you can always use Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro. View full description


  • Automatic or manual mode
  • Different stitching patterns
  • Lets you add frames and text captions
  • Automatic mode requires no knowledge at all


  • No options or configuration settings

Very good

Panorama images always look great - provided you know how to build them properly. And if not, you can always use Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro.

This efficient tool can build awesome panoramic images automatically in just a couple of clicks. All you have to do is select the images that will make up the panorama, pick a stitching effect (there are four to choose from: horizontal, vertical, tile or 360º) and let Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro take care of the rest. The panorama will appear magically in front of your eyes, so that the only thing left is adding an optional frame and then saving the file.

If you'd like to have more control over the creative process, don’t worry because Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro features a manual mode that lets you personally set alignment points and adjust image blending.

Whether in automatic or in manual mode, Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro achieves very good results. Plus, it includes a complete tutorial on how to shoot the best photos for panoramas. Other than that, the program doesn't feature any options or configuration settings.

With Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro you'll be able to create stunning panoramic images, even if you don't have the necessary knowledge or skills.

Create your perfect panoramas

Panorama Maker is powerful and easy-to-use photo stitching software offering an elegant way to turn your photos into a superb panorama. Our automated stitching process makes it easy to create breathtaking landscapes! Intuitive navigation and photo editing tools are offered to better organize your sources and apply final results to your panoramas.

Main features:

1. The simplest photo stitching application for creating professional panoramas

2. Stitch photos into a beautiful panoramic photo in a flash!

3. Automatic selection and analysis of photos

4. Easy-to-use editing tools help you adjust panoramas perfectly

5. Intuitive interface and easy navigation create a fluid user experience

6. Support for popular image formats and video formats

ArcSoft Panorama Maker 6 for Windows provides five professional stitch modes: Auto, Horizontal, 360, Tile, and Vertical, to intelligently analyze and stitch multiple photos into a stunning panorama.

With Arcsoft Panorama Maker 6, everyone will be able to create stunning panoramas, even if you don't have the professional knowledge or skills.

Arcsoft Panorama Maker


Arcsoft Panorama Maker

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